On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 3:38 PM, John Culleton <j...@wexfordpress.com> wrote:
> Currently the illo is in png form, though of course I can go
> back to the original jpg from the scanner. Using either
> product, the png or the original jpg, how do I eliminate both
> the sky and the white line?

Open the PNG.  File->Save As "My_Filename.xcf".

Add a new layer, fill it with black (or darkish gray).  Place the
layer beneath the layer with the church (use the layers dialog).

Now you can see the white pixels clearly against the dark background.

 - Select the transparent area on church layer with the fuzzy select tool
 - Select-Grow
 - Delete (may want to play with Select->Feather before deleting)

When satisfied (you may need to undo/redo the three steps above a
bit), delete the black layer and save a PNG copy.

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