I am writing a user book on GIMP, and in conjunction with making available several excerpts (tutorials), I put GIMP 2.6.8 for windows on my site, along with the users manual, and related Python files.

I would like to comply with the GPL (I spent several hours just trying to figure out which license requirements apply to GIMP, and I am still not sure).  It appears that I must make available the source code. I have no problem with that, but there is no single zipped file of the many hundreds of files for GIMP. Each file must be downloaded then put into a directory . . . recreating the entire directory tree.  That would take many days, days of not writing, and I would make mistakes--omissions or duplications--with no practical way of knowing correcting them.

Can someone help? Is there an easier way to comply? Or, am I reading the wrong license terms?

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