On Friday 23 July 2010, wal...@12on14.com wrote:
> I am writing a user book on GIMP, and in conjunction with making available
> several excerpts (tutorials), I put GIMP 2.6.8 for windows on my site,
> along with the users manual, and related Python files.
> I would like to comply with the GPL
> Can someone help? Is there an easier way to comply? Or, am I reading the
> wrong license terms?

OK I've read your mail and the other responses so far.

If I understand it you are writing a book and you want to distribute the GIMP 
with it (probably on CD).

I am not a lawyer but what is wrong with just supplying the source archives 
.bz, etc) on the same CD. As far as I can see this would alleviate your need to 
maintain a web server to provide the source code. You would need to include the 
source archive for each version of GIMP included on the CD (Windows, BSD, Mac, 
QNX, etc) as well as source for any other GPL programs you include. These 
are available wherever it is that YOU get the programs from. (Assuming the 
sites are 
in compliance w/ the GPL). The GPL also requires the use of the "COPYING" file, 
may want to include this in the root directory of the CD/DVD

My understanding is that, while the GPL does stipulate making the source code 
available, there is some leeway in how you make it available. I believe you 
even publish the actual code in your book if you desired,and be in compliance 
the license. (Of course this would probably require more pages than your whole 

If you are distributing tutorial files and examples then you need to comply 
with the 
associated licenses for those files as well (CC, Artistic, BSD, etc)

If I am wrong about any of this then I am sure a more knowledgeable source than 
will jump in and correct me.

see ya
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