On Sunday 25 July 2010 03:49:47 Byram wrote:
> I have an old 7 mp image that I'm trying to increase to around 10MP.  I've
> read it's best to increase by 10%, then unsharpen, and repeat process until
> you get to the desired result.
> I unsharpened with radius at 5, threshold 15, and amount .5.

I don't remember such a recommendation, but a radius of 5 seems rather large 
to me because the scaling effects should be on the order of 1-2 pixels only, 

> When I finished the process.  I viewed the image at 100% and it was
> terrible. Any recommendations regarding the process or the unsharpened
> mask settings?

First another question: How satisfied are you with the upscaling result in one 
single step (you can try out several scaling algorithms, of course)?  If you 
think it's ok, it may not be necessary to do more complicated procedures.  And 
how plausible does the 10MP image have to be on the pixel scale?

Finally, if you have the CPU power and necessary memory available, you could 
also try out the "Smart Enlarge" script from the resynthesizer plugin package.  
But be sure to try it out on a small region first, it would be a shame if you 
waited for hours for a result that doesn't look like you want it :)


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