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> I need to make some simple rectangle buttons and the Filters -> Decor
> -> Add Bevel... looks just what I need for. However, it only generates
> a single direction of the bevel highlight and shadow sides.
> How can I change the direction of where the light appears to come from ?

* Duplicate your layer.
* Run Add Bevel and choose the "Keep Bump Layer" option.
* After the script finishes, delete the beveled layer (we just want  
the "Bumpmap" layer).
* Open the "Filters->Map->Bump Map" dialog and select the "Bumpmap"  
layer from the top dropdown list, select "Spherical" from the Map Type  
dropdown, and adjust the "Azimuth" to control the direction of the  
light source. To mimic the Add Bevel script, the other options should  
remain at their default settings: Compensate for darkening=TRUE,  
Invert bumpmap=FALSE, Tile bumpmap=FALSE, Elevation=45, Depth=3, and  
everything else "0".

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