Quoting Bodo Eggert <7egg...@gmx.de>:

> Since the last update to Gimp 2.6.8, the menubar moved from the toolbar
> window to an extra window, degrading the toolbar to a utility window.

This sounds more as though you've created a tear-off menu. You can  
close this menu by clicking on the dashed line at the top of the menu.  
Once deleted, it should not return.

> The image window list is duplicating my task manager's function.

Close the window, or close just the tab if there are other tabs you  
wish to keep.

> The image drop zone (which won't work for files displayed in the midnight
> commander anyway) is also available in the toolbox window (from where I'd
> like to remove it, too).

For this, you need to edit your 'gimprc' configuration file (found in  
$HOME/.gimp-2.6/ for GNU/Linux; on Windows the folder is something  
like %USER%/.gimp-2.6/). You should add the following line to the file:

(toolbox-wilber no)

> I think you get my point: I'm totally and completely annoyed by this
> change, and I want to change it back. I've been searching for a setting I
> might use to get rid of this - unsuccessfully. Is there a setting I have
> missed?

Unless I am misinterpreting your complaints, these are all just  
personalized configuration settings which you can readily modify.

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