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> Hey guys.
> I created an A4 sized canvas and made a black background layer.
> On a new layer I wanted to create a large lighting effect that would use most
> of the area of the canvas:
> new transparent layer -> select fg to transparent radial gradient...
> But I got banding.
> I selected dithering, and still got banding.
> I used a large, circular self-created circular fuzzy "lighting brush", and
> tried to create the same target effect. Still got banding.
> What's the solution to this?

Is your image in indexed or RGB mode? Is your gradient monochrome? What
is its size?

Say you draw a monochrome gradient from back to white along 2560 pixels.
You only have 256 different colors, thus you get bands 10 pixels wide.
And dithering does not have a real effect in such a case.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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