Forget everything I posted (sorry). Here is an easier way:

> 1. Open your Channels Dialog ("Windows->Dockable Dialogs->Channels")
> 2. Right-click on the preview of the channel with the highest  
> contrast and select the "Channel to selection" command.


> Quoting bob <>:
>> I'm working through a tutorial made by photoshop:
>> :
>> :
>> Step 24 is interesting. Water spray is seperated from a background colour,
>> using a manipulation of channels.
>> I can't seem to figure out how to the same thing in gimp.
>> Any idea how I can do it?
> The process is fairly similar for GIMP.
> 1. Open your Channels Dialog ("Windows->Dockable Dialogs->Channels")
> 2. Click and release once on the thumbnail preview of the color channel
> which offers the highest contrast. (see Note below)
> 3. Hold down the mouse button (while over the preview thumbnail), drag
> the channel to the window in the lower part of the dialog, and release
> the mouse button.
> 4. Click on the red, square button at the bottom of the dialog to turn
> the recently dropped channel into a selection.
> 5. Go back to your Layers Dialog and continue with the tutorial.
> Note: The Step #2 is necessary because clicking on the thumbnail
> toggles whether the channel is active (highlighted). In this case, the
> first click (in Step #2) disables the channel; while the second click
> (in Step #3) re-enables it. Basically, you just want to ensure that all
> your channels are active (highlighted) after doing your drag-n-drop.

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