On 07/28/2010 10:27 AM, Jimmi L. Hansen wrote:
> Is it possible to make a standard text in every picture feks. "©Jimmi L.
> Hansen"? So i dont have to make it manual every time.
> Sincerely jimmi


In the past I have used ImageMagick for this, processing thousands of image 
files at a time (the largest run was on about 30,000 images).


3-4 years ago, this ImageMagick method had some bugs with size and position of 
the overprint/watermark, but I think that has all been fixed now.

More to the story... Normally you would not want to apply this 
overprint/watermark to original/source images.  And, if you apply it to already 
existing "distribution" images (such as JPEGs) you degrade the quality of the 
existing JPEG.  So what we were doing in ImageMagick was:

For each source/TIFF image

   open TIFF image
   apply watermark/overprint
   SaveAs image in a different directory AS JPEG (with desired "quality" level)
   close TIFF image without saving

Thus the original/source is not contaminated.

Frankly, even this approach is not completely safe in my opinion because the 
manipulation of the open TIFF image creates a risk in case your hardware 
develops memory problems, etc.  [We had physical memory go bad in the middle of 
processing and destroyed several thousand images -- fortunately we had 
  Thus, if I were designing the workflow, I would rsync/copy the source images 
to a temporary directory, create the JPEGs and then discard the copies.

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