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> Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] Getting rid of the extra menubar window
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> Quoting Bodo Eggert <7egg...@gmx.de>:

>> The image drop zone (which won't work for files displayed in the midnight
>> commander anyway) is also available in the toolbox window (from where I'd
>> like to remove it, too).
> For this, you need to edit your 'gimprc' configuration file (found in
> $HOME/.gimp-2.6/ for GNU/Linux; on Windows the folder is something
> like %USER%/.gimp-2.6/). You should add the following line to the file:
> (toolbox-wilber no)

Thanks. This option seems to be missing from the configuration dialoges.

Besides disabeling the drop zone on the toolbar, it disabled the extra 
window manager, and the menubar window will morph into an image window.
This is not as good as the classic behaviour, but I can live with that
if I must.
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