Since my interpretation of what you wrote

> I have a picture jps file. I would like to make a circle and
> then copy it and then paste it at various places onthe picture. What do
> I have to do to accomplish this goal.

is a bit different from what Saul answered, here's my answer:

1) Open the ~.jpg file you wish to modify.

2) In the layers dialog, create a new layer by clicking on the icon at 
the far left of the bottom of the layers dialog window. Set the size of 
the new layer a bit larger than the circle you want (so, if you want 
your circle to have a radius of 150 pixels, for example, set the size of 
the new layer at 325 x 325 pixels), and fill it with transparency.

3) Make the new layer the active layer by clicking on it in the layers 

4) In the toolbox, select the ellipse (circle) tool, and use the ellipse 
tool to select a region on the new layer.

5) Click the "edit" menu at the top of the image, to open the edit menu, 
and from that menu select (about 1/3 of the way from the bottom) "stroke 
selection". For this puprose, I'd probably choose to use the option 
"stroke with a paint tool".

6) Save the image as an ~.xcf file. Saving the image as an ~.xcf file 
maintains the separate layers.

Now, move the circle to a point you want to emphasize on the image, and 
export the image to a ~.jpg file; then move the circle to the next 
point, and export the image. If you need to have more than one area 
designated at a time, you  can duplicate the layer containing the circle 
as many times as needed, and move various layers containing a circle to 
various points on the image.

Hope this helps.


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