> I  want  to  copy  a  sample  of   the  concrete  in  my  sidsewalk  and  
> paste  it  into  a  circle.
> how  do  i  get   that  square   selection   to  fill  up  the   round   
> selection???

My first suggestion without knowing more specifics about your project, 
would be:

1) Apply Filters->Map->Make Seamless to the sidewalk image
2) Save the result to your patterns directory using a .pat extension
3) Select it in the "Bucket Fill" tool options to make it your current
4) Check "Fill whole selection" in the "Affected Area" portion of the
    "Bucket Fill" tool options.
5) Fill the circular region in your image with your tiled sidewalk

I've not actually *tried* this but based on my experience it seems to be 
a practical solution in theory.

Alternatively, especially if tiling your sidewalk image turns out to be 
not so good of an idea, you can try this:

1) Use File->Open As Layers to bring your sidewalk image into your XCF
    project as a new layer.
2) Place the sidewalk layer *behind* the layer containing the area into
    which you're trying to paste it.
3) Cut a hole in the upper layer to allow the sidewalk layer to show
    through.  You may or may not want to feather the edges of your
    selection as you do this.

Alternatively, instead of cutting a hole in the upper layer you can 
leave that layer uncut and merely apply a layer mask to it so that the 
sidewalk shows through a black or white circular area in the mask 
(depending on which kind of mask you've used).

Let us know how it goes.

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