Hi, thanks for the replies!

I will explain better:

Picture 1  is  a  bride standing in front of a grey wall.
But a guest is standing in the  very right side of the picture...eating.

I want to grab a pattern of that wall and paste it in ...covering the guest

I dont want to crop the picture.  I can do that.   
I dont want to clone.  I can do that.

I want to copy a little piece of that wall pattern and make it fill up the 
selection I make and get rid of the guest.

Lemmmme know,

Harry Strunc

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> Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] Square  selection  fill  round ?????
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> Date: Monday, August 2, 2010, 11:49 AM
> > I  want  to 
> copy  a  sample 
> of   the  concrete  in 
> my  sidsewalk  and  paste  it 
> into  a  circle.
> > 
> > how  do  i 
> get   that 
> square   selection   to 
> fill  up 
> the   round   selection???
> My first suggestion without knowing more specifics about
> your project, 
> would be:
> 1) Apply Filters->Map->Make Seamless to the sidewalk
> image
> 2) Save the result to your patterns directory using a .pat
> extension
> 3) Select it in the "Bucket Fill" tool options to make it
> your current
>     pattern
> 4) Check "Fill whole selection" in the "Affected Area"
> portion of the
>     "Bucket Fill" tool options.
> 5) Fill the circular region in your image with your tiled
> sidewalk
>     pattern
> I've not actually *tried* this but based on my experience
> it seems to be 
> a practical solution in theory.
> Alternatively, especially if tiling your sidewalk image
> turns out to be 
> not so good of an idea, you can try this:
> 1) Use File->Open As Layers to bring your sidewalk image
> into your XCF
>     project as a new layer.
> 2) Place the sidewalk layer *behind* the layer containing
> the area into
>     which you're trying to paste it.
> 3) Cut a hole in the upper layer to allow the sidewalk
> layer to show
>     through.  You may or may not want to
> feather the edges of your
>     selection as you do this.
> Alternatively, instead of cutting a hole in the upper layer
> you can 
> leave that layer uncut and merely apply a layer mask to it
> so that the 
> sidewalk shows through a black or white circular area in
> the mask 
> (depending on which kind of mask you've used).
> Let us know how it goes.
> Myke
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