On 02/08/10 22:24, Harry Strunc wrote:
> Hi, thanks for the replies!
> I will explain better:
> Picture 1  is  a  bride standing in front of a grey wall.
> But a guest is standing in the  very right side of the picture...eating.
> I want to grab a pattern of that wall and paste it in ...covering the guest
> I dont want to crop the picture.  I can do that.
> I dont want to clone.  I can do that.
> I want to copy a little piece of that wall pattern and make it fill up the 
> selection I make and get rid of the guest.
> Lemmmme know,
> Harry
> .............
Maybe try this:

Use the Path tool to mark out a suitable bit of wall 
elsewhere in the picture
Path to Selection
Click on the selected area, Edit=>Copy
Then Edit =>Paste
Go to Layers. Make the Floating Selection into a New Layer.
Go to Move tool.
Move the Pasted area (the wall) where you want it to cover 
up the guest.
Then Anchor it, Merge Visible Layers or Flatten Image to fix 
it in place.

You'll  probably need to fiddle a bit to get a patch of wall 
that matches its surroundings properly.
If you can't get a perfect match straight away you can 
usually finish off the edges with the clone tool.



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