On 03/08/10 15:40, Doug wrote:
>  On 02/08/10 22:24, Harry Strunc wrote:
>> Hi, thanks for the replies!
>> I will explain better:
>> Picture 1  is  a  bride standing in front of a grey wall.
>> But a guest is standing in the  very right side of the 
>> picture...eating.
>> I want to grab a pattern of that wall and paste it in 
>> ...covering the guest
>> I dont want to crop the picture.  I can do that.
>> I dont want to clone.  I can do that.
>> I want to copy a little piece of that wall pattern and 
>> make it fill up the selection I make and get rid of the 
>> guest.
>> Lemmmme know,
>> Harry
>> .............
> Maybe try this:
> Use the Path tool to mark out a suitable bit of wall 
> elsewhere in the picture
> Path to Selection
> Click on the selected area, Edit=>Copy
> Then Edit =>Paste
> Go to Layers. Make the Floating Selection into a New Layer.
> Go to Move tool.
> Move the Pasted area (the wall) where you want it to cover 
> up the guest.
> Then Anchor it, Merge Visible Layers or Flatten Image to 
> fix it in place.
> You'll  probably need to fiddle a bit to get a patch of 
> wall that matches its surroundings properly.
> If you can't get a perfect match straight away you can 
> usually finish off the edges with the clone tool.
> Doug
P.S. You may also need to rotate the Pasted area, scale it 
or distort it to fit everywhere, but it's not a big deal


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