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> I have run into a problem with Gimp.  I had scanned a lot of photos using a
> windows based program. I just discovered that I cannot open any of them in
> Gimp. I get an error message that "this is not a valid bmp file". Yet I can
> open and view them in other programs such as Fspot and g thumbs. Has anyone an
> explanation.  I had hoped to touch up these photos. These were my good photos
> and spent hours scanning them some years ago. Now I am fearing that they are
> no good.


If at all possible, use any other program to convert your BMP images to 
PNG format.  You can think of PNG as being "losslessly compressed BMP". 
  Not only will you most likely solve your problem with The Gimp not 
being able to open your files, you will also reduce the filesize of each 
image by approximately 35% without losing any quality.  To my knowledge, 
there is zero advantage to storing/keeping images in BMP format, thanks 
to PNG.

Let us know how it goes,

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