I recently upgraded from gimp 2.4 to 2.6.8 on my Sun SPARC Solaris 10
system.  I am using a gimp package compiles by the openCSW group.

The new version of gimp works fine, but I have noticed a significant
degradation in the speed of just about every operation, from opening a
new file, to the application of most tools and filters.  Is this the
general experience of others, with the slowdown due to a reworking of
the underlying engine within gimp, or is this specific to this particular
package?  If gimp has not become appreciably slower, can anyone suggest
a set of compiler options that should be used to increase the performance
of the program.  I will pass along any information you provide to the
person maintaining this package and see if we can improve it.

Thanks for any insights you can offer.

C. Jeffery Small

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