>martinz wrote:
>> How can I make the letters of the text point to the middle of the
>> circle/path??
>Change the sign of the fill angle to change the direction the letters will
>appear around the circle as well as whether they point towards the center
>of the circle or away from the center.

hi kevin!

you idea seems to be very good.
but I cant find this fill angle control (I am pretty new to gimp).
please give me a quick advise.

I have the path and then I type in a text. 
In the text menu I can change -font, 
-orientation (left, right, block, center) 
- hinting, auto, ...
- distance bitween letters, lines and space of 1st line
- button to apply text to path (which I use!)

nothing more.
so where can I change the fill angle?
I also tried to make a text and mirror it vertically or horizontally. but then
it seems to be not text anymore and I cant klick the "apply to path" button.

thx for help!

p.s. sorry if my button/menu-ids are not the same than yours. I use the german
version of gimp and just translated the meaning.

martinz (via www.gimpusers.com)
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