jbi...@mit.edu (2010-08-17 at 1314.54 -0400):
> I've looked through the manual and done plenty of googling... but I 
> can't quite figure out what to do here. I use a wacom bamboo tablet and 
> I would like the right mouse click (the upper button on the shaft of the 
> stylus) to switch to eraser, instead of displaying the menu. I tried 
> mapping the "keys" field in the "configure input devices" to various 
> things but it seems to have no affect. I tried all the numbers 1-10 in 
> case the key numbers were unusual but still the "middle click" button 
> does the grabber, and the "right click" button opens the context menu. I 
> also tried with a mouse at the same time to see if there was any difference.
> Anyone know if this is (or isn't) possible... and how to do it?

This is a special case, and it is possible, at least with Intuos (no
idea about Bamboos) the pen will report different devices for the
"lead" and the "eraser". So all you have to make sure is that your
driver is reporting each tip as separate devices, and then enable the
different devices in preferences.

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