>> I've looked through the manual and done plenty of googling... but I
>> can't quite figure out what to do here. I use a wacom bamboo tablet and
>> I would like the right mouse click (the upper button on the shaft of the
>> stylus) to switch to eraser, instead of displaying the menu. I tried
>> mapping the "keys" field in the "configure input devices" to various
>> things but it seems to have no affect. I tried all the numbers 1-10 in
>> case the key numbers were unusual but still the "middle click" button
>> does the grabber, and the "right click" button opens the context menu. I
>> also tried with a mouse at the same time to see if there was any difference.
>> Anyone know if this is (or isn't) possible... and how to do it?
> This is a special case, and it is possible, at least with Intuos (no
> idea about Bamboos) the pen will report different devices for the
> "lead" and the "eraser". So all you have to make sure is that your
> driver is reporting each tip as separate devices, and then enable the
> different devices in preferences.

Thanks for the reply, but that's not quite what I'm looking for. 
Flipping the pen around is actually very cumbersome for me. Yes, if I 
turn the pen around and use the "eraser" then the previous tool selected 
by the "eraser" will be activated again. However, I need the "eraser 
tool" far more often than I would use a normal eraser, and so I would 
like a quicker way to change tools. In particular, I would like to do 
like in Xournal, where the "right mouse click" event activates the 
eraser. Also, maybe I'm just tremendously uncoordinated, but I drop the 
pen half of the time when I'm trying to flip around to use the eraser.

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