Note that I am on the current version, and may not ever have used 
2.2.13. However, in the current version, there are two "crop to 
selection" choices, one in the Image menu, and one in the Layer menu. 
The one in the image menu acts like you were expected; the image is 
trimmed to the size of the selection. The one in the layer menu acts 
just as you describe now, that is, the image around the selection is 
removed, and you are left with a transparent background. Sounds to me 
like you chose the wrong "crop to selection".

There at least two ways to correct your problem: you can select the 
desired area of the image, and crop to selection from the image menu; 
you can change the canvas size using the canvas size option in the image 
menu (Note: you may have to adjust the offset). There may be others, as 

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