> Almost, but that has hard edges.  I wanted softer edges.
Is this what you want:


I did a quick one, so the top and bottom were not done correctly.

If that is the case quick mask will certainly work.

Let me explain.

1. Make sure you have everything selected. CTRL+A does a great job of that.
2. Press the quickmask button.
3. Draw a radial gradient across the mask (make sure you have the 
"Foreground to transparent" option selected) (also note the mask should 
turn your image a red hugh)(Last note, bigger radial gradient=Larger 
resulting circle. You may use guides to help you out, and remember you 
define the radius of your circle when you use the radial gradient)
4. Press the quickmask button again.
5. Delete the selection. You may have to right click/select/invert  to 
invert your selection if the incorrect selection is made.

This will make a soft edge for your image.

Stefan Maerz
5. You may (depending on some things
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