Jim Hall wrote:
> Using Gimp 2.4.7 on Debian Lenny. I am not an artist, but I 
> occasionally need the tool.
> What I need to do is "stitch" two or more images together to make a 
> larger one. These are more like drawings than photos. Best analogy is: 
> take 2 or 3 screenshots of an area of a city with google maps (map, 
> not satellite view), put them together to make a single, larger one.
> I have looked at the manual, but since I don't know what this 
> procedure is called (or even if it exists), I don't know what to look 
> for. Same for Google.
> Hints of any kind appreciated.
> Jim

I don't know if there is a simpler way to do this, but in GIMP I would 
open the first image, then use the canvas tool (Image --> Canvas Size) 
to double the canvas size, and move the original image to the left.  
Then copy in the second image and drag it to the right.  This is 
essentially what I had to do with a batch of very old 4x5 negatives and 
transparencies with an epson scanner that could only do a max size of 2 
1/4 by 2 3/4 " at a time.  I used GIMP to piece them together pixel to 
pixel and it worked marvelously.

If you have command line access to ImageMagick/convert, this is easy:

% convert image1.jpg image2.jpg +append -quality 85 combined_images.jpg

i.e. if I understand the need....

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