You might want to check the color depth of your document. If it's 
indexed color then the document may not be able to create smooth 
gradients because their aren't enough colors in the pallet. You can tell 
if this is the problem (on 2.6.8) by going through the menus to 
image->mode->... If image->mode->indexed is selected then the document 
is indexed color, and you should change it to image->mode->RGB.

On 08/25/2010 02:35 AM, bob wrote:
> Hi Miles.
> I'm afraid the technical details of bit-depths and monitor hardware are beyond
> me.
> However, when playing with inkscape I can create gradients that don't have
> bands.
> Also, when I'm viewing other peoples artwork online I don't get the bands.
> I'm guessing that this might mean that the problem might not be my monitor,
> but is more likely to be the technique that I'm using in gimp.
> Could this be the case?
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