Hi Leon,

A few thoughts / questions for you to consider and experiment with.

a) When you take about placing it in Indesign, can I assume that this is for 
PRINT use?  If that is the case, then 1) It should be CREATED in Gimp with a 
resolution of AT LEAST 300 dpi (that is enough, but less than that is too 
for PRINT use).

b) The file format should NOT be JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif).  Too many people 
and use those types of WEB formats for PRINT work.  I either use TIFF (.tif) or 
EPS (.eps).  You will have to experiment with what your program likes.

c) NEVER resize a graphic in some other application such as Indesign or 
whatever.  Always CREATE your graphic in a graphic program such as Gimp.  Test 
printing it from the graphic program.  Then "place" it, without any size or 
scaling change in the other program.  If you look on my website, I have a 
logo.  I have created at least 10 different ORIGINAL sizes and formats (.tif vs 
.jpg, etc.) for all the different uses of it in print, on the web, etc., etc. 
This is a critical point which most people overlook.

There are lots of other things that can go wrong, but these are starting 
  If you are still having the problem, then we need to exact details of your 
process of creation, import into other program, use, etc., etc., including 
to examples of the actual image files, etc.

On 08/29/2010 12:55 PM, Leon wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am a complete beginner and I have to be honest....I'm struggling. I created
> a logo for my new business, but when I try to place the logo in a box on
> indesign or such like, the logo comes out looking blurry or smudged. I think
> it's to do with it being resized. Can anyone please advise me (in very simple
> terms)how to manipulate the image without it ending up looking so poor?
> Many thanks
> Leon

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