Leon wrote:
Hello All,

I am a complete beginner and I have to be honest....I'm struggling. I created
a logo for my new business, but when I try to place the logo in a box on
indesign or such like, the logo comes out looking blurry or smudged. I think
it's to do with it being resized. Can anyone please advise me (in very simple
terms)how to manipulate the image without it ending up looking so poor?

Many thanks

Adding to what Jay said...

I don't know about indesign, but it's a good rule of thumb to design images to fit the size of the space rather than forcing the size using html or CSS. Depending on the size/dimensions, this can be drastically better for improving page load speed. Also, there is less guesswork in how the pixels will be forced, squeezed.

  1. Look at the html page and find the size the image is being
     constrained to fit
  2. Load the image in GIMP
  3. Image --> Scale Image and adjust the dimensions
  4. If it gets a little fuzzy as it is downsized, do Filters -->
     Enhance --> Sharpen and use somewhere around 40-50 to start
  5. If it's a jpeg, when it asks for quality as you are saving, use
somewhere around 75 is usually good enough for web site viewing. Also since jpegs are lossy (every time you resave you use quality)
     try to avoid doing repetitive work on the same image.

If you are starting with an absolutely huge image know that it may not be reasonable to downsize to a diminutive space and retain the same clarity.

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