On 01.09.2010 19:22, Jay Smith wrote:
> So, I created a new image by doing the following.
> Select All in original image.
> Copy
> File, Create, From Clipboard
> Creates a new image that looks like the previous.
> I change the size (scale) to something more suitable for printing.
> When I HOVER OVER AND look in the bottom status bar of the window containing 
> the
> newly created image, it says "Pasted Layer" and gives a size in MB, about 20 
> MB.
>    I say to myself "Self, that does not look right".  I do Flatten Image, I do
> Merge Layers, etc.  The "Pasted Layer" text remains, but the size keeps
> increasing in roughly 20 MB jumps.

Hi Jay,

what gets displayed is the total amount of memory GIMP reserves for that image.
For various (good) reasons, this is usually much more memory than required to
hold a 'flattened down' version of that image.

Have a look at Image->Image Properties:
the first tab 'Properties' details a bit how the memory gets used. A good share
is required for the undo/redo functionality. That is the reason why shrinking
an image doesn't free much memory, if at all: the previous version is still kept
in memory in case you want to undo the shrinking.

 > When I look in the layer dialog, it only
 > shows one layer.  However, when I click the eyeball the picture disappears 
 > and I
 > get a gray checkerboard, so there is something more present than just that 
 > one
 > layer.

No, that's a fallacy: the checkerboard isn't part of the image. It gets shown so
you can identify transparent areas of your image. And if you hide all layers,
your image becomes fully transparent.

> So, to get a SaveAs dialog, I start to "Close" the image (I know, that is a
> strange way to do it) and select Save, getting the SaveAs dialog.  I save it 
> to
> .jpg and accept the current defaults.  Thus it is now closed and has an actual
> image name.
> I reopen the image.  Now when I HOVER OVER AND look in the bottom status bar 
> of
> the window containing the image, it now says "Background" and has a 3.9 MB 
> size
> (completely reasonable).  Everything is normal.  It prints perfectly fine and
> quickly.
> ====
> So, why do I have to save the image to a file...
> - before I can print it?

you shouldn't have to. Something is going wrong here...

> - before the "Pasted Layer" text goes away (and becomes "Background")?

The statusbar shows the name of the active layer and "Pasted Layer" is just
the name of the newly pasted layer. When you store the file as JPEG, that name
gets lost because JPEG does not support layers. On re-opening the default name
'Background' gets chosen.

> - before the size is stated more reasonably

what is relevant for the amount of data that gets sent to the printer
is the number of pixels, not how much memory GIMP consumes for your image.

You already did rough estimes based on the pixel count and that is correct.

> Is this a problem with my (fairly elderly) printer vs Gimp's native
> while-in-editing file format?


> Am I doing something wrong?

possibly. Are you shure you used *Image*->Scale instead of Layer->Scale?
That might explain the unexpected behaviour.

> It is no big deal to save and close the image to a file and then re-open it in
> order to print.  It is not going to ruin my day.  But, it seems very strange 
> to
> have to do that (and has not been necessary in some other image editing 
> programs
> I have used), thus my query.

you are right, that should not be the normal mode of operation!
A hint to possibly track down the problem: saving as JPEG and re-opening 
flattens the image for you (and as a side-effect the memory required for 
gets freed, as you have observed).

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