I found a possible bug, and, before reporting it on bugzilla, I'd like to
receive a confirmation that it is really a bug.

I am using gimp 2.6.10 on debian sid (but the error occurs both on Ubuntu
and windows). It is configured to use color management (using sRGB and
Fogra27 color spaces).

The problem is that the CMYK information reported in the pointer info
palette seems wrong, because it shows at always least one component
(either C, M, Y or K) to 0%: I never observe CMYK values wich are
simultaneously different from zero.

This happens for all the images I tried.

I think that the problem is that the CMYK conversion shown in the pointer
info winfod is operated without taking in consideration the CMYK color
space set in the preferences.

Indeed, if I use the color picker tool it seems to show the right
information (the color picker window reports that I am using the Fogra
profile). However, if I unset the Fogra profle in the preferences (leaving
the CMYK profile to "none") the color picker tool shows exactly the
information reported in the info palette (i.e., the wrong one).

Thanks for the attention,


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