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> I found s.th. like a mistake in gimp, is this a already well-known bug?
> I described it here:
> http://www.art-printings.com/gimp.htm

Not really a bug. You are misconstruing the action of the Smudge Tool.  
GIMP's smudge only smears the colors that already exist on the canvas;  
whereas it appears that MyPaint introduces some amount of the  
foreground color to the start of the smudge operation. Without  
introducing new color to the canvas, the laws of entropy dictate that  
repeated application of the Smudge Tool will have a dimensioning  
effect (this is what you describe as the canvas being "frozen").

Your assertion that "every other image manipul.app" behaves like  
MyPaint is not to my knowledge entirely accurate. Coral Painter  
behaves the same as GIMP; and Photoshop's default smudge behavior is  
identical to GIMP unless you choose the "Fingerpaint" option (which  
makes it behave like MyPaint).

Perhaps you wish to propose enhancing GIMP's Smudge Tool by adding an  
option to introduce some amount of the foreground color at the start  
of the smudging; but until such an enhancement is supplied, a ready  
work-around is to manually paint a spot with the paintbrush and then  
switch to the Smudge Tool to smear that spot.

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