I have several scm files; they all live in a single folder (which is 
on GIMP search path for scripts).

I have common code for three of the scripts which all goes into a 
fourth.  A fifth has defines which user of scripts may wsh to alter; 
the fourth script depends on it.

If I just leave nature -- or GIMP to take it's course, the scripts 
don't load when scripts come up, unless I arrange for the most-
depended on script (the fifth) to have a name prceeding all others in 
alphabetical sort order, the fourth the next in order.  

If I refresh scripts, name order doesn't seem to matter, all works 

Okay, so to avoid problem I'd like to explicitly load one file from 
another.  But (load <script>) seems to require an absolute path.
I don't want to specify absolute path because other users of scripts 
(which are mean to be distributed) could put scripts anywhere.

Is there a way to refer to something like "folder in which curent 
script resides" or "user GIMP configuration folder" (e.g. on my 
machine Docs and Settings\UserName\.gimp-2.6)?



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