>Hi folks;
>Im a new user here so be gentle.  A little background:
>I work for a small engineering firm that designs racing transmission parts. 
>Im comfortable using CAD and other engineering software, but this 20min
>project has taken up half my day.
>I need to create a logo, using our existing one.  All I wanted to do was add
>curved text portion above and below our original logo.
>It needs to have the same curve top and bottom.
>Ive played with the text-to-path and I cant get a good looking linear curve
>over the top of our logo.  And, even if I did; I dont know how to match that
>curve on the bottom "rocker" so they look similar.
>I tried the circular text logo template, but I need the text to read RTL on
>the top curve and the bottom.
>Someone told me there was an ARC plug-in for CD labels, can I use this on my
>windows based version of GIMP2?
>Thanks for your time;

Hi Nate,
I have used this plug-in to achieve curved text.
Make your text in a new file and save it the open filters and click theirl>Pan
to Bow.
It will take some trial and error.
Save the curved text and when you have opened the other part open it as
Good Luck,

Gerard v. V. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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