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>> That's really an abuse of the gimprc though.
> So it's really only meant for GIMP and GIMP plugin settings?

I agree with Sven that using gimprc for this purpose is inappropriate.

> Also it looks like once I've called gimp-gimprc-set, no way to remove
> expunge evil deed from the gimprc file?

Correct. it would be quite a task to remove your script-generated  
settings from the gimprc while retaining the user's configuration  
choices (as well as the script-generated settings of other scripts,  
assuming they likewise employed gimprc).

In addition, storing script data in gimprc would somewhat "break" the  
documentation for gimprc. While a few scripts adding settings to  
gimprc would be acceptable (which is why those PDB functions are  
exposed), if this became convention then gimprc might soon become  
cluttered with undocumented settings.

But the worst aspect of scripts saving data in gimprc is that the  
gimp-gimprc-set function interacts with the file every time it is  
invoked (whereas the parasiterc file is only rewritten upon GIMP  
exit). It is not really a good idea to have a script reading, parsing,  
and writing back a file each time it is executed -- doing so makes  
your script dependent upon file system speeds (it is also conceivable  
in theory that your script will be iteratively executed hundreds of  
times in rapid succession). It is far better conceptually to  
manipulate such data in memory, and saving the data only upon exit.

>> It would be much better to get the parasites problem fixed.
> Sure.  I'm not in no hurry.  Lots more wrok to do on my woodrat
> scripts.  Any guess re timescale?

Keep in mind that even should the bug be fixed today, if you are  
sharing your script with others then you will want it to work with  
versions of GIMP which are in current use. Thus I would recommend  
using the work-around previously provided (if your script isn't  
intended for general distribution, you needn't worry about this). It  
would probably be a year or two before you could reasonably expect  
that most users would have updated to a fixed version.

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