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> You need to define 'drawable'. Basically, you omitted a line from the
> script in the tutorial.
> Also, the function to save a PNG file is 'file-png-save', or
> 'file-png-save2' (not 'gimp-file-png-save'), and has several
> additional parameters that need to be specified if you are to change
> the compression. Use the PDB Browser under the Help Menu for more
> information on these parameters.
>> and run:
>> $ gimp -i -b '(png-compress "*.png" 9)' -b '(gimp-quit 0)'
> Hopefully you are not using Windows when you run this.

yes the drawable part was omitted because i thought it had to do with
the tutorial applying the unshapen mask. in my mind i thought this was
nessisary to edit the image. and that was not what i am doing.

file-...   and gimp-file-...    i for some reason thought it needed a
gimp command prior to the actual command. misunderstanding again

no windows box, debian.

ill attempt the script again in about 2 hours when i get home. thanks
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