I like to listen to the podcast "FLOSS Weekly", part of Leo Laporte's TWiT
network.  I emailed the show host, Randal Schwartz, to ask him if he could
do a show on GIMP.  He asked me if I could track down GIMP's project owners
and ask them to email him.  After fruitlessly searching the web for a way to
contact Michael Natterer or Sven Neumann, I have resorted to this mailing
list.  If necessary, I'm sure Randal would be willing to interview someone
besides Michael or Sven, as long as they have good GIMP developer

Can anybody on this list help me get in contact with one of the "project
owners"?  Basically I just need to email them to give them Randal's email
address, and if they are interested they can email him to setup the
interview.  This is the URL for the podcast:

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