This is my first post to the list.

I wanted to know if it were possible to disable the Clipboard Brush 
feature in GIMP 2.6?

Frankly, I think a better direction for something copied or cut to the 
Clipboard would be to Patterns, not Brushes. As a longtime Photoshop 
user (4 versions on Mac OS, two on Windows), I've no doubt that the 
minor hassle of turning tweensy picture X.jpeg into a pattern will be 
something I'll remember to my dying day. If an intuitive shortcut should 
be applied to clipboard/pasteboard data in a graphics app, patterns seem 
to me the more useful of the two directions.

Much of the to-clip and from-clip activity I do is whole pictures, and 
whether scaled or not, color-depth-reduced or not, a brush with 
something 640x...@24 on it/to it, while it would make for a nice 
diversion or "toy" or plug-in, doesn't quite rate with me as the new 
bleeding-edge feature of as well-known a freeware graphics application 
program as is the GIMP.

I presume the developers went this way because to "take it to patterns" 
might have meant a re-think of the pattern-making and -reading code, and 
there probably wasn't time or incentive enough for that: this seemed the 
more expedient option and so it was done. Fine. Let the user have the 
option of "turning it off," then, if such an option is not already 
present in version 2.6.

So is it?

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