My objective: to stroke a path with a pattern
My environment: GIMP 2.6.10 on Win XP SP3 ; also duplicated on MAC OS

What works: 

If I launch the dialog window "Choose Stroke Style" via 
1) menu Edit > Stroke Path
2) Path dialog : click on the "Stroke Path" icon at the bottom

then it works as expected

What doesn't work:

If I launch the dialog window "Choose Stroke Style" via the Tools option
window that appears docked at the bottom of the Toolbox when the Path Tool has
been selected (click "Stroke Path" button)... then the following misbehavior

If I click on the desired pattern, and choose "Stroke line" radio button and
"Pattern" radio button and then select the desired Pattern from the "Patterns"
dialog, the Toolbox icon that displays the "active brush, pattern, and
gradient" changes to reflect my selection, but when I select the "Stroke"
button in the "Choose Stroke Style" window, it strokes with the last
successfully stroked pattern rather than the one I selected (or, if I've not
yet successfully stroked a pattern, then it uses the default one, which is
pine board pattern).  This same misbehavior is observed if I go this same
route and I use the option of "Stroke with a paint tool" and use the Clone
tool set to clone a pattern.  I've tried various combinations of when I select
the pattern (before launching the "Choose Stroke Style" window, after
launching it but before choosing the "Pattern" radio button) and the same
misbehavior is observed.

Now, granted, the user documentation does not suggest this route for stroking
a pattern, but it was sitting there under my nose with a button that leads to
the same dialog as the documented routes, above, but it just doesn't work.  I
suggest that it be made to work properly, or document how it can be used to
work properly, or remove it from the picture altogether.

Am I missing something or should this be reported as a bug?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Barb (via
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