Quoting Barb <for...@gimpusers.com>:

> My objective: to stroke a path with a pattern
> My environment: GIMP 2.6.10 on Win XP SP3 ; also duplicated on MAC OS
> If I launch the dialog window "Choose Stroke Style" via the Tools option
> window that appears docked at the bottom of the Toolbox when the   
> Path Tool has
> been selected (click "Stroke Path" button)... then the following misbehavior
> occurs:
> .. it strokes with the last
> successfully stroked pattern rather than the one I selected ...

I have tried this on GNU/Linux with the GIT stable branch (which would  
be 2.6.11 when released) and it seems to behave appropriately  
(employing the active pattern).

> ... This same misbehavior is observed if I go this same
> route and I use the option of "Stroke with a paint tool" and use the Clone
> tool set to clone a pattern.

Again, GIT stable appears to have remedied this (though it is still  
not possible to clone from an image).

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