On September 12, 2010 02:41:04 am Andreas Moroder wrote:
> Hello,
> I have scanned page from a book. On the screen all looks ok. Near the
> images I wanted to scan I see only light shades on the white background,
> but when I print the page this shades becomes much darker and visible
> and show the back side of the page. Can anyone please tell me a way to
> get rid of this shades without impact on the rest of the image.
Andreas, I always keep a sheet of black paper handy when I'm scanning 
something from a two sided original that has text or images on the back side. 
I put the black sheet on top of the image to be scanned and then don't get 
that sort of bleedthrough of dark parts from the back page. It's easier than 
getting rid of them later.

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