On 28/09/2010 23:43, Josh Bialkowski wrote:
>> I'm new to Gimp and graphic design. I was able to create a logo with a
>> transparent background. However, when I convert to jpg gif or png and then
>> upload to my server (or insert into Word or PDF) it's fuzzy around the
>> letters.
> Scaling is one reason for the fuzziness, the second is compression.
> JPEG, GIF, and PNG are compressed formats (though PNG can be
> uncompressed), so the compression can lead to fuzziness around the
> edges. You could try to save in an uncompressed format, or reduce the
> compression (i.e. if you save JPEG and you get that slider during
> export, push it all the way up to 100).

Do not mix up plain compression and lossy compression. JPEG is lossy and 
can lead to artifacts. GIF and PNG aren't (although GIF, being 
restricted to 256 unique colors, can suffer from dithering).

I otherwise fully agree with the vector graphic suggestion.

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