Hello all,

I tried to find tips how to "clean" a photo of the drawing but with no success.
I have a photo of a paper with drawing (usually a combination of heavy lines
by marker and thin pencil ones) and want to improve the image for printing. So
I want to get white background of 100% of the image (no shadows) and still
have all details of drawing kept. Even if they are sometimes lighter than
shadows in different part of the image. For example a dark shadow in the cormer
and light pencil line in the middle.

I tried to play with brightness & contrast. This is not good enough as many
details are lost. Typically the pencil drawing. "Levels" are unusable for the
same reason.

I tried to look for edge-detection filters but they all do something else than
I need: they left a thin line around the edge, not the original line itself.

Probably a FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) filter would help but I did not
find any.

Any ideas, please?

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