On 02/10/2010 16:04, Beassweetpeas wrote:
>> What you want isn't removing the background, but extracting the
>> foreground :-) And there is a tool for this next to the scissors tool
>> (once your have a selection on th eforeground, your can invert it and
>> strike delete to remove the background).
>> I assume that the box on the RHS is the layer dialog, that let you
>> choose which layers are displayed. But this requires to already have two
>> distinct layers, one with your subject and one with the background.
> Thanks for your reply.Please could you give me a step by step idiots guide 
> for doing this please!
> Many thanks!

1) add an alpha channel to the image (layers dialog, right click, add 
alpha channel)

2) use the foreground selection tool: 
<http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-tool-foreground-select.html> It has its 
own step-by-step indications at the bottom of the screen when it runs

3) invert selection, and hit the delete key. You'll be left with your 
foreground, everything else will be transparent.

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