On 10/02/2010 09:56 AM, crutledge wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm a novice user of GIMP. I use it to build covers for eBooks and for most 
> of my uses GIMP is great.
> Sometimes I wish to drop (place?)a small image atop another. My problem is 
> that all images come packaged in a rectangle. How do I ensure that the 
> background of the inserted image is transparent and doesn't show in the final 
> prouct?
> For the answer, I will bless thee and thine to the seventh generation.
> (smile)
> Thanks, Charlie
For your assistance, the instruction from Ofnuts to the previous topic seems 
right on ---
  -- so allow your blessing to issue to Ofnuts' seventh generation

1) add an alpha channel to the image (layers dialog, right click, add
alpha channel)

2) use the foreground selection tool:
<http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-tool-foreground-select.html>  It has its
own step-by-step indications at the bottom of the screen when it runs

3) invert selection, and hit the delete key. You'll be left with your
foreground, everything else will be transparent.

-- Burnie West
    Angora Highlands


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