One of uses of an underscore is to pick out the shortcut character in 
a menu item:

(script-fu-register  "wrdhb_create_half_blind_dovetail"
  "_Half blind dovetail..."   ;menu label
  "Create Template for Half blind Dovetail" 

There also appears to be

(script-fu-register  "wrdhb_create_half_blind_dovetail"
  _"Half blind dovetail..."   ;menu label

whch I gather has something to do with translation: I assume it would 
have no effect in this particular case because it's sadly 
unreasonable to expect translation dictionaries (po files??) to know 
"blind" or "dovetail".  That so?


script-fu-register  "wrdhb_create_half_blind_dovetail"
  "_Half blind dovetail..."   ;menu label

Also, I've been using this style of getting a script registered for 
use in create menu:

(script-fu-menu-register "wrdhb_create_template_half_blind_dovetail" 

(a)  Can I combine the two, putting path in second parameter of 

(b) Is there anyway of getting a letter of the submenu "Woodrat" to 
be a shortcut key?  I've tried variations of underscore in the 
"<Image>/File/Create/Woodrat" parameter, doesn't work.



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