> > Always got the "Woodrat" folder under File | Create menu, no
> > shortcut key indicated.

On 3 Oct 2010 at 11:17:05, Sven Neumann wrote:

> I am pretty sure that it theoretically should work this way. After
> all the Script-Fu extension itself creates sub-menus this way and
> those sub-menus do have mnemonics. You definitely should not use
> the underscore in the menu-register call. 

I was calling (gimp-plugin-menu-branch-register from top level, i.e. 
it was a statement in scm file along with many (defines.  

So how does that work?  script-fu interpreter processes defines 
first, then any (script-fu-register*) statements, nothing else? Any 
other precedence rules?

> However the problem is most likely that Script-Fu doesn't provide
> you any means to call this procedure before the menu-register call
> is executed. There would probably have to be a
> script-fu-menu-branch-register() wrapper added for this purpose. 

I did this:

(define (wrf_register_menu_branch)
 (gimp-plugin-menu-branch-register "<Image>/File/Create" "W_oodrat")

(script-fu-register  "wrf_create_template_finger"
  (wrf_register_menu_branch)                ; menu label

which works.  (script-fu-register when it runs has to call 
(wrf_register_menu_branch), which does the register thing.

> A possible solution would be to write your scripts in Python.

Oh dear.  I've had enough mental exercise for this year learning 
script-fu.  Not sure by brain could take relearning python.

Also that would require that end users of script, generally assumed 
not to be highly computer literate, would have to install python as 
well as GIMP. 

Anyway, my kludge seems to work.  Thanks for pointer on how to do it.



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