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> On Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 9:49 AM, Gino D  wrote:
>> Hi
>> Currently, what type of data should be used to enter a parasite as a
>> parameter within those Script-fu procedures that handle such an
>> object? By chance, can you give me any examples?
> AFAIK, only strings are supported and are passed in as a list.  First
> parameter is the parasite name and the third is the string value.  Not
> sure what the seconf parameter is but I always use the number 1:
> (gimp-parasite-attach (list "parasite-name" 1 "parasite value"))

The second parameter is the persistence/UNDOability flag. I covered  
the possible values in the following thread:


For images and drawables, I would assume "persistence" may also be  
dependent upon the file being saved in XCF format (perhaps other  
formats permit parasite data to be attached as EXIF data but I  
wouldn't count on it). For vectors/paths, there would be the  
additional issue of whether the path itself was recoverable from the  

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