> Duplicate the layer and remove all the dark lines/text with the 
> Dilate filter, repeat until they are all gone.
> Gaussian Blur this duplicated layer with a large radius.
> Effectively you want to subtract this duplicated layer from the 
> original, do this by setting the layer Mode to Grain Extract, then 
> Flatten.

Thank you, Bruno.

I tried this and it works quite well.

I also found another way meanwhile:
Decompose the image by Wavelet function (part of my gimp 2.6 or as a plugin
http://registry.gimp.org/node/11742 ) and "clear" the first layer - the one
with details of larger scale - with the neutral color (128,128,128).
Or fill that layer with white and set the brightness and contrast of the image
after it is flattened again.

I'm surprised there is no tutorial about this - probably a good chance to write
new one - when I get really good results.

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