>  Is Gimp telling you anything on the error console? (Dockable 
>dialogues/Error Console)? Do you have Ghostscript installed (seems to be 
>a prerequisite)?

>On 06/10/2010 02:43, artlog wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a beginners problem. I have a logo in .eps . And I have to make a 
>> poster with this logo. I want to import the eps file into the Gimp file, but 
>> in place of the logo there is just a white square. I read somwhere that this 
>> is normal that I don't see the logo. But how can I make it visible for the 
>> final .pdf file?
>> Thank you very much for help!


Thanks, Bertrand,
No, Gimp is not telling anything. I have Ghostscript installed. I realize that 
the .eps file is white also when I open it with other programs (it can't be a 
problem from this file, because I got it from professional). If I understand 
there are a kind of logo's (when it is intended to put them on dark background) 
which are invisible when we import them. But here I don't understand how to 
make that in final they became visible. Thanks.

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