Hello List - I recently downloaded the GIMP2.6 and have been playing with it in 
an attempt to modify some existing pictures and generally play with the 
outcome.  Kind of like Mr. Potato Head (hopefully you know what that is) , I am 
trying to take a part of one picture, say the nose, and transpose it to another 
picture; or perhaps the lips, eyes, etc.  Once I have one aspect copied on the 
other picture I get stuck making it happen, both in context and melding of 
image sizes and a “seamless” transition.  Could you refer me to the right 
tutorial, or provide me a facile method to perform this feature using GIMP?  
Also, how do you rectify the image size so that if the pictures are of 
different sizes the transposed part looks of appropriate dimension to the host 
I very much appreciate your time and any input you might afford me.

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