I've been following the discussion of Wacom tablets with great 
interest. My wife has a birthday coming up. She has a collection of over 
125,000 flower photographs which she mostly likes to view on a Windows 
XP computer with two widescreen monitors. I am thinking of presenting 
her with a Wacom tablet since she loves photography so much. Would this 
make sense for her? Her drawing skills are better than mine but she has 
no formal graphics education.

Would a Wacom also be of use to someone like me, I'm just a software 
developer, but I was wondering if I could connect a Wacom to a TV and 
draw diagrams right on the Wacom which could then show on TV. Or am I 
off base there? I too have a small photo collection which I like to 
organize and edit heavily, mostly for practical how-to type wiki posts.

Bob Cochran
Maryland, USA

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