>Thanks, Rich. That worked great. But now I'm having trouble placing this 
>circular logo onto my graphic. I copied it to the clipboard then pasted it as 
>a separate layer in my graphic, then sized the layer to the image size, but I 
>can't get the text to show on the top of the graphic. I must be missing a very 
>basic step but can't seem to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.

>>Maureen wrote:
>>> how to add curved text to the circular graphic.

>>That is easy. There is a Script-Fu script for that called Text Circle. It 
>>is in the drop down menus under File -> Create -> Logos -> Text Circle.

That was Kevin Cozens suggestion. I go for a more general approach using text 
to path. However the great thing about Gimp is there are generally several ways 
to do anything.

Using the Logo circular text.

Some screen shots here that might help.

1. Make your text. Helps if the text is about the correct size. The text is on 
a transparent layer with a white background.
2. Copy the transparent layer 
3. Return to the background image and paste into this image.
4. Use the *cursor keys* (mouse does not work here - don't know if this is a 
commom symptom) to move the selection. At this point while the selection is 
still active you can paint in a new colour, stroke the outline or adjust using 
using the resize tool. When complete anchor the selection.

Best to do this on transparent layer so when it screws up you can start again.

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